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  • About TenStep (EN)

    TenStep helps companies implement their goals and strategies through the successful execution of projects. We do this in two ways.

    1. Our consulting services help organizations establish an environment where projects are successful. This includes helping set up and run PMOs, methodology customization and deployment, portfolio optimization, strategic planning, contract staffing, and much more.
    2. Our training services build ompetencies for project managers, company managers and team members. We have an extensive curriculum of over 50 fundamental and advanced classes.
  • Projectmanagement Simulation Workshop (EN)

    The application of knowledge is a key success factor to learning. This three day PM Simulation Workshop goes beyond the traditional project management class starting with a review of the TenStep® Project Management methodology. The students then demonstrate their knowledge by managing a project from beginning to end with the STS-Simultrain® project management simulator. This approach reinforces the concepts and principles learned for effective project management. As a result, the students are more prepared to apply the methodology to real life situations. Grades are compiled through quizzes and project simulation scores.

  • Projectmanagement Simulatie Workshop (NL)

    Het toepassen van kennis is een belangrijke succesfactor van leren. Deze drie daagse training gaat verder dan een traditionele Project Management training. Tijdens deze zeer praktisch opgezette training laten wij de deelnemers kennis maken met een toegankelijke, flexibele en schaalbare Project Management methodologie. Het ‘leren door doen’ is kenmerkend voor al onze trainingen. Als deelnemer van deze training stellen wij u in staat om direct de geleerde kennis te toetsen. U gaat concreet aan de slag met het managen van een project van het begin tot het eind waarbij gebruik gemaakt wordt van de STS-Simultrain® project management simulator. Na afronding van deze training kunnen de deelnemers, onder bepaalde voorwaarden, de TenStep® Project Management (TSPM) certificering behalen en 24 PDU’s.

  • PMONow! The Quick PMO Startup Service (EN)

    Organizations around the world are implementing formal project management processes and disciplines to deliver their work initiatives on time, within budget and to an agreed upon level of quality. Part of the ability to execute better, faster and cheaper comes from your ability to implement common processes and practices across your entire organization.

    TenStep can help you understand how to best define and utilize a PMO within your organization. We have the products and expertise to help you create and implement your deployment plan, providing you with a fully capable PMO, and assess the skills of your project managers. We recommend deploying methodology in waves, concentrating on the most critical aspects first, and then rolling out increasingly more complex and sophisticated features of the methodology as time goes by.

  • Project Management Fundamentals (EN)

    Many individuals work on projects but do not have a complete understanding of the project management processes from beginning to end. They may not be armed with all the concepts and techniques to successfully deliver project results. The TenStep “Fundamentals” class series provides an overview of the concepts, processes and techniques associated with managing a project from end to end. This is not a theoretical review of project management. The class teaches the practical application of value-add project management. Students will leave the class with techniques and processes to apply to your own projects. Understanding and practicing the concepts taught in this class increases the likelihood of success on the project.